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Why Cotton ?

For your baby ...

Cotton diapers are so soft and comfy. And cotton diapers are healthy for babies! Not only is cotton breathable, but there is no super absorbent gel and no vinyl or plastic layer. We change our cotton-bottomed babies more often – because we know when they are wet. That’s healthier! No heat build up and no questionable chemicals against our baby’s skin.

For you ...

Not only are they less expensive than disposables - but cotton diapers are easy to wash. No need to rinse poopy diapers in the toilet! Flushable liners have put an end to all that. When you change your baby, pull your non-toxic, biodegradable liner out of the diaper and flush it down the toilet. No need to rinse. And you don’t need pins! Snaps and velcro-type closures have eliminated the need for pinning. Tuck your diaper into a waterproof diaper cover, and fasten snugly. The velcro-type closures will hold the diaper in place securely. Soft bindings around legs and tummy keep everything in, but won’t ever hurt your baby’s tender skin. See How to care for your Bummis and Washing Cotton Diapers for more information.

For the planet ...

Healthier for babies - but child’s play to use! Opting for a re-usable diapering system is an environmentally friendly choice you can live with - and enjoy. We promise. Guilt free but so easy ... Have you heard that single-use diapers are not really any more polluting than re-usable cloth diapers? Please take another look at it! The issue is more complex than some would have you believe.

Thank-you for choosing cotton diapers!